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you claim you have some knowledge in programming, i'd suggest you start looking there

Why would he have access to source code?

Ah Sobek buddy. It's been a while since you posted anything related to the 'topic' at hand in a thread both here or anywhere for that matter. Skate above you did make an effort earlier in his posts to stay on topic before the moderator instinct took over with his attempt to derail the thread when it can't be locked or merged it so it can be lost in the thousands of bogus threads hosted in forums he moderates.

I had high hopes (as I did the hawk EFM) that your next comment would have been constructive....How wrong was I. Instead the comparison here is like a Priest with a bible in hand, standing at the podium ready to voice his sermon to the sinners and non sinners in the forum, or in this case Hawk lovers and haters", I was waiting for the shining lights to rain down on the thread, just as I had hoped the sun reflection would light up my 'worn' hawk cockpit 3 days ago but that never happened, instead the only lights flickering was blue screen, black screen, blue screen each time the hawk failed to load.

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