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With the MiG-21 grounded and the above (thank you Winfield, this is reaching for comedy gold) I'm getting very very nervous about the upcoming release of AJS Viggen - I'm sure I cannot in any way describe to a non-Swede how much a DCS Viggen means to a Swede having so many years been waiting for a SAAB in the flight sim world.

I am no more dead sure I will be a customer.

Just think about the Typhoon these clowns intend to develop. Oh I can't wait for the MFD function issues their customers will experience on not one but 3 MFD screens in the typhoon.
The HUD in the hawk doesn't even work. i'll re-phrase that because it's not entirely correct. It works, then it doesn't work, it works, and now it doesn't work.

3 years in development and 'the tree hugger' has no idea what his company is doing. If he was the head at Walmart he would of been sacked years ago. Couldn't even run a mcdonalds franchise profitably.

Since he loves Nando's, if he ran a 'Nando's, the only people who would eat there would be his sidekick Pman and himself, no doubt in my mind the other devs would be trying to distance themselves from 'tree hugger at VEAO's' Nando's in fear of food poisoning.

Imagine the food.....place your order then 3 years later it's still not ready. 3 years waiting for an empty plate and no food. The entire project needs to be scrapped and the aircraft moved to the 'mods' section.

Just look at his responses to the people's questions, "nando's nando's nando's" on the odd occasion that he takes a question seriously, you get

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Here is rule number 1 when working for VEAO. Let the community post the fix to the problem as VEAO have better things to do (like eat nando's). Here is a fine example of that rule being put into practice....

Bare in mind, rather than issue an official notification to fix the CTD issues, VEAO sit back and let someone who is not a member of VEAO nor on the books and paid by either ED or VEAO, let alone have an 'official title' like "ED Tester", "Moderator" "3rd Paty Dev" and the like write up a post regarding the fix to the problem. What do actually pay their devs to do?


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Hullo everyone,

Many of you (myself included) had an important number of crashes with the Hawk EFM in DCS 2.0.2 (NTTR), often at random times. Most of the time, the Crash-to-Desktop occurs with an error message coming from Weather.dll. Apparently, the error comes from a null return from a Hawk controls input lua file, which causes the crashes we're currently experiencing.

This can be caused by a number of things, mainly being that the DCS 2.0.2 updater often takes files directly from DCS 1.5.3 from your hard drive instead of downloading it. For me, it borked my install by mixing EFM files with Pre-EFM Hawk files together. IMO it is a bit out of VEAO's control since the update process is controlled by ED and sometimes can cause unintended regressions, especially during complete code rewrites implemented by third party developers. Since many of us are running both versions of DCS (1.5.3 and 2.0.2), sometimes we can run into issues caused by one version being unintentionally corrupted by the auto-updater. I tried many different things and here is the procedure that eliminated the crashes for me.

Once the community member has written up the fix (unpaid and off the books of course, basically it would have cost too much to have a dev or someone on the payrole do it) VEAO then take the time to contribute to the fix.

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Yes all copies of dcs, open beta, open alpha and release.


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Notice it was sent using Tapatalk on the company phone.....this means "We are at nando's and do not have the time to write a step by step fix"

I know your waiting out for my take on the flight model....stay tuned, it's coming.....like the next hawk patch

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