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I'm sorry, but does the ED team re-code the A-10C and the Shark's flight model or weapons systems for every patch?

Every single update that has been released since 1.0 either in 1.5 or 2.0 has caused bugs with both of these modules and quite a few others. I know this for a fact because I've experienced them first hand. Switches that don't work properly or lights that don't work or ground crew repair that's broken and causes the jet to flip around 180 degrees. There have also been other problems like TGP showing transparent vehicles in thermal and weird flight model behaviors, radios not functioning properly. There have been bushel barrels full of problems. But the Hawk has been exceptionally broken. It wasn't available in 1.0 though so who knows how it would have been if released back in that version of DCS World. Unless VEAO was originally coding it in 1.0, I guess they would know. The Hawk has never really been officially finished though.