@ Tirak

No problems on my part.........I'm just highlighting the blur that ED have created by using these pre-release terms but not actually defining their interpretation to anyone - most likely intentional as I thinking they find it easy to mask the true state of all their unfinished content.


I don't think anyone has ever mentioned there hasn't been any advances however ED often take 1 step forwards and 5 backwards. Are you really trying to make excuses for the incompetency shown by ED with everything they have ever done been delayed by huge margins? As for Edge been late....that you're even questioning that is late makes you quite the comedian. A look at some posts from 2 years ago will give you a bigger laugh followed by the fiasco that followed last year ultimately ending with the split Dev branches - you're gonna tell us it was all part of the plan they rustled up on the back of a fag packet next.

No-one expects anything to be perfect, yes other companies release software with bugs that need patching/fixing .....however people do expect ED at the very least to learn from all their previous mistakes and start hitting dates in the same centenary that they actually start something. They blatantly stumble from one mess-up to the next without taking anything on board and this is the big difference between them and other companies. I'm embarrassed on their behalf, it really is nothing short of an absolute shambles.

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