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What I don't understand is why delete a thread due to being "duplicates" or "unnecessary"? If it is indeed not needed, then won't the forum members just ignore it and that post will get buried after a few days? If it is needed, the you'll see the response on the threads as well. Why does it become a moderator's job to determine which threads "pass" and which ones get deleted?

Guess the thing here is that the developer has already clearly stated that they are indeed aware of the issue and trying to fix it.
They even reached out to the community on this..

Now, what justifies such a thread? Why would you create it, would you think it creates any kind of friendly atmosphere?
While I mostly disapprove of the ED forum's moderation, this is an action I find to be absolutely reasonable. This thread would've served no use except for mocking them along the lines of "look! so many people have this issue! such a bad developer haha".

This would inadvertedly generate a hostile environment.. which the forum already is to a large extent, anyways. No need to add more fuel to the fire.

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