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You are banned so you cannot access anything to pm a moderator , hence the retarded statement

I've been down that road. The responses were just more of the same heavy handed disrespectful comments. Or as in my case, a producer calling me a liar then making sure I couldn't respond. Not to mention said producer getting involved in other flight sim community goings on up to and including trying to get me removed as a moderator on another forum. It's the same crap as it ever was and it goes all the way to the top. Children making flight sims that can't handle criticism or any kind of real life dissent so they do what they do best. Ban people. Head over to LOF and look at all the modding I did. You'll notice a complete halt in doing anything else because it's hard to spend alot of time, for free modding a sim that the producer got involved in my personal life and was successful in damaging certain aspects of same. I was going to file a lawsuit because it got so invasive. All over software. Seriously. Some of the mods and the producer have some serious mental health issues.