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I spent $10 on the Hawk, buying it second hand from a guy. So that's all I've got invested in it. It doesn't break my bank to delete it and shrug it off as a bad investment.

Give yourself a pat on the back.

Round of applause for this man, someone open the bar and buy this man a round

I offered mine up for free, no one wanted it.....so since i'm stuck with it I have decided to save anyone else the disappointment and review it.

In fact I do remember your post in the campaign after campaign thread. It seems you have had a memory lapse and forgot my reply to it, so let me refresh your memory.

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I do agree, in that I'm not happy with the progress of things, but I'm powerless to change that. So I shrug and move on and wait.

So keep shrugging and move right along, nothing for you to see here.

To the rest of you with the same view as ST0RM, I refute your claim that you are powerless to change it. If this thread and what is written in it sways just 1 persons opinion to not buy the hawk. I have achieved the goal,