There are two types of people in this hobby--those whose enjoyment of a product is irrespective of who it comes from, and those whose enjoyment is almost completely subservient to their feelings about the creator.

Some of us will call a piece of junk by our a favorite developer a piece of junk and move on, awaiting their next (hopefully better) one. Some of us can buy and enjoy one made by a developer whose business practices disgust us.

Others will like whatever comes from our favorite developer, no matter its quality, because we like them. Or hate whatever comes from the Bad Dev, no matter its quality, because we hate them.

I'm firmly in the first camp, but I understand there are people in the second one. I don't care about Madonna's personal life, I will like or a not a song she does on its own merits. I don't care about an actor's political views, I will like or not their performance in a film, or pay to see it or not, based on its quality, not whether or not they vote like I do. My in-laws are like that. Won't see a film with "X" in it because they were mouthing off about supporting something or other they don't agree with.

Oh, while I understand there are people like that, I don't agree with them. I don't care if they like what I like or not, I disagree with their reasons for liking or not. That's how I can agree with someone I disagree with, and disagree with someone I agree with, all the time.
I respect contradictory opinions based on good reasoning. I reject opinions based on shaky, erroneous, or nonexistent reasoning, regardless of how I feel.
Tell me you love Star Wars too because you like Vulcans...I'm going to shake my head and say "no."

The Jedi Master

The anteater is wearing the bagel because he's a reindeer princess. -- my 4 yr old daughter