This is the 1st instance where it shows a breakdown of relationship between Tango and VEAO.
personally, this was at this moment VEAO hit the top of the mountain and the publication of this next image was VEAO taking their 1st step down the other side.

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Pretty much after that post, Tango remained relatively quiet on the ED forums, Chris stopped referring to Tango and the "hit by a bus" was most likely venting VEAO's frustration

most noteworthy is the AFM progress going slow, the release of an FC3 but with clickable cockpit. Surely this was the beginning of the downturn.

**** intentionally skipped to the next image ****

I will fill in this blank later

VEAO announced that Hawk was only moments from release.

However, let me elaborate on an earlier post with regards to the EFM SSM AFM PFM XLS WRD LUA DOC and 10's of other abbreviations which were termed for flight models.

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This was shortly clarified by VEAO

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