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How much more damage can VEAO do to their reputation as 'developer's? When it comes to the 'damage model' it is far better than anything ED\TFC\Belsimtek could produce.

This +1000. Anyone who takes VEAO as a serious producer anymore should consider a frontal lobotomy. Even IF I do ever receive the P40 I pre purchased from them on 07/02/2015, I have a sneaky feeling it may

just Suck! On a postive note, by the time they get around to releasing it I may have a new rig with 64Gbs of Ram so I can actually see if it sucks or not. I am trying to keep an open mind at this point. rolleyes
I am wondering if VEAO can Smell, Taste, See and Feel the Sarcasm here??? whenpigsfly Probably the smartest thing for them to do is just lock the VEAO thread altogether and just post their updates now and again and allow no feedback. yep