NOTE:: I have not updated to the latest version since I installed DCS 2 nights ago. The following was recorded with the hawk from when it was last updated before this latest patch release.

Now there are a few subtle changes to the damage model of this POS. I made several recordings to give this developer the benefit of the doubt. Most note worthy is after crashing into a few vehicles, the POS was still able to fly as though it had both wings. Note the nav light on the wing is still lit up, flaps operate on both wings whilst one is completely missing.

The nose wheel missing several times is all so noteworthy as the POS sits as though it still has one. Still able to turn the aircraft left and right even though the nose wheel is completely ripped off.

This can be seen at 5:40

The damage model has been slightly improved but still has ways to go. Something that really stands out is that I can no longer overload either outer wing pylon which was possible 2 years ago. The aircraft will now fly with a single loaded wing with what weapons are available so yes I did need to give full left stick to get the plane upside down.

Perhaps VEAFAIL learnt from my video from 2 years ago and made the pylons only able to carry 3 bombs on the inner pylon, not the outer pylon. No longer able to overload the outside pylon which kind of defeats the 'unofficial testing' purpose.

The below is from 2 years ago.

Change is happening gents from this thread. The pylons have been moved, there is now 'damage' from coming into contact with vehicles (after several attempts). I am taking bets that VEAFAIL take the cheap alternative with the damage model in the not so distant future (2 years from now) and have the POS explode on impact if it comes into contact with anything else within the so called 'world' The damage model still has many more years to go before it is anywhere near a 'release' version. As for the EFM, it flies with a missing wing. Perhaps 4 more years of development time before this is worth reviewing.