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"are they actually capable of releasing anything on par with the A-10C"

Best modules ever released for DCS: A-10C, Ka-50 and Su-25T...

The MiG-15 is excellent as well smile

And to voice something different:

The VEAO bashing is going a bit too far. You can call them out whatever you like for not delivering the goods, but in no way can you call them criminals. They had good intentions all around, but just failed to deliver the goods because they didn’t have the skillset necessary for making a module

. Don’t forget: You lost a bottle of scotch, they lost their livelyhoods.

And now the pitchfork internet crowd does everything in their power from ensuring they never have a job in the industry again? Come on now. How would you feel if your company just went bankrupt and you have a wife and children to support? And this all because they bought exactly this risk when buying Early Access: you pay 100% of the money, with 0% insurance of completion. (The same with all that Kickstarter folk, why in hell would you invest in something if you get no money in return? That is about the stupidest thing you can do)

As for the P-40: I have no idea what on earth people possess to pre-order stuff, since you’re risking exactly this kind of thing. I can understand buying the Hawk in Early Access, since in DCS everything is always “just about finished” right up until it gets abandoned for whatever grabs Rollin’ Matt and Packager Norm’s attention span. But with the P-40? You knew what you signed up for.

Don’t forget