Ah, word must have got back to ED\VEAO regarding VEAO's blaming of ED's patches causing numerous bugs

Have a go at this from not so long ago.

[Linked Image]

now it's....."Tango's code is the cause of the bugs and now we need to rewrite every 8000 original lines of code that Tango provided before his essential sacking after asking for a pay rise"

The plot thickens.....the conspiracy theory balloons as it spreads....almost like an invasive weed or parasite.

This review must seriously be quite damaging from ED's point of view (the thread being monitored by ED's staff) if VEAO's tune and shift of blame has gone from ED (whilst supported by the community manager) to "Tango's code is the actual cause"

very interesting indeed. Still no comment Skate? Sobek?

Another 5 years of development confirmed having to rewrite the entire code base just to get the smoke to function......