At least be a man, Paradaz, and admit to YOUR shortcomings in this situation. You have obviously not framed any of your points in a constructive manner. It's easy to criticize, to find faults, it's much harder to help the other party improve. If only ED had more constructive input, maybe a forum where such feedback could be given......

Pffftt.... hahahahahahahaha!!! Sorry, Daz, just couldn't resisit. biggrin biggrin biggrin

Again, going back to 2012, I wonder what spiel ED had to attract these 3rd-party devs to the table? If VEAO could be brazen enough to make those plans and claims, I wonder what ED told them regarding the Core DCS code? The schedule may be impossible with the core code constantly changing; maybe such wouldn't have been the case if the core code was stable and remained mostly constant throughout.

- Ice