I was asking myself the same thing when I read the statement....

[Linked Image]
Look at how professional Pete "P-man" Pan's response is.

Ali's comment is quite justified considering VEAO have been in the official forums at ED since 2012. Due the the heavy censorship over the last 6 years regarding the module from complaints and bans handed out, the public do not see open discussions with this developer on just how crap the module and company as a whole really are
other than what takes place in PM's on the official VEAO website when consumers are asking for refunds.

Fear not gents.....over the cause of the week\s. I will gather posts from upset and irate consumers and post them here.

before anyone comments on the exaggeratedly enlarged photo, it is well deserved and on par with the attitudes of the entire VEAO team and their views being larger than the consumers.