Only a couple of weeks later after that update......

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Typhoon has only now began development. Then Chris finishes off with some crap about having to do the model from scratch.
basically 3 years of development time scrapped.

have a go at this thread

meanwhile as Chris and Pete are out fraudulently holidaying around the country side and claiming it back on their next tax bill.....

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The beta should have been in this update

it will not be the 1st time ED do not include Hawk updates in official patches.


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That was an edited post by Chris, check the date. Every update to DCS up until this point required external patches released by VEAO in order for Hawk to function.

Yet the mig guys where on their way to stardom, aviodev were pushing further into the unknown. VEAO were lagging well behind and it shows in the patch release notes.

Yet even through all this VEAO still rode the hype train, driven by 'respected' members of the sim community.

Ed's patience had worn thin by this stage of development. Not thin enough to rip up the 3rd party license though, and the con job rolled on.

why wasn't the patch released?

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"something got broke" I wonder what that something was....certainly not the VEAO ego bubble,

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How contradictory as earlier Chris states Beta will be in the next patch, then he get's home from his holiday with Pete only to have to 'build the patch"
as "he was not aware it would coming out so soon" yet ED have been sitting on the files for over a month by this stage. Did Chris not bother to check his e-mails while he was grinding himself over the tail of tyhoon (yes he actually stated he did that)
10's of thousands of sales?? even 2000 was no doubt a stretch of the truth.
Then there is the dreaded NDA crap sprouted by VEAO repetitively when it was quite clear of the tension between ED VEAO

The relationship with ED was on the rocks. No amount of relationship\marriage counseling could mend this violent and torrid partnership..