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At least i'll always have the time that CyBerkut moderated here <3 It cannot be overstated what a surpreme job he did.

Thanks for the kind words. However, I'm still involved here, so if there are any moderation shortcomings, they do not fall upon Force10 alone.

I let a lot of references to "up the tree at..." and variations of that pass by, as until recently I did not really know who that referred to (I'm not particularly knowledgeable on who all the key people are at the various developers). When it became apparent to me it referred to Ells, as far as I knew Ells was not a member here. Today, Ells posted here for the first time since late September 2015... so now, I know.

So... let's ditch the name calling and slights directed at other members here. No more "up the tree" and similar variations, no more "mudslinger", etc. Address the subject, not the author's characteristics.

That being said, products and their development, marketing and schedules are fair game for discussion.