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We've seen Franze's pre alpha release post.....Then follow up with the Alpha release post which was not much better than what was available in the pre alpha post......I am still waiting for Franze to fix the bugs in his 'have another crack at me' code and come back here with a stable Beta release in his next reply.

Psst. I didn't even get involved with DCS until last year. "Franze" is a common handle. I'm afraid you've gone and mixed me up with someone else! wacky

I was the guy involved with Longbow 2's resurgence here back in '05-'07. Stayed away from DCS after the first Flaming Cliffs. My focus was the FP/ArmA series after that.

No, I only commented because I find it funny you've got a crusade going on here. I mean, you've got a reason to, sure; but it somehow just rankles you somethin' fierce that other people are enjoying the game despite its flaws.

I mean, you're right about VEAO and all. Can't say much about that, other than watching that dumpster fire from afar.