2014 was the year consumer's could look forward to, especially for those who followed the progress of the Hawk.

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2014 could be classed as the top of the hill for VEAO.

Since the alpha testers posted their thoughts late in 2013. VEAO had certainly lived up to the hype train that followed them

A thread was created called "First Impressions"


And with a bold statement like this one.

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Rest assured, ED and TFC fully supported (at the time) VEAO's venture and obligations. Yes the head of the Mig-21 venture quit but the rest of the team (Leatherneck) picked up and moved on.
Perhaps had the head of VEAO packed up and left.....All 3rd parties have their ups and downs, early in 2014 VEAO were powering on. No cracks in the glass house to be seen publicly not even with the Tango.