Further to the hydraulic jitter that has plagued this aircraft since 2015....

Read some of the threads at the source: The responses are quite amusing from this bunch of failures. Heck even some of the 'consumer's who invested their money into this fail look for excuses to justify the money spent and comments made prior to release on how they look forward this 'awsome POS'
Just punch in hydraulic jitter in the search engine at DCS and there are several threads on the issue.....all but 2 are referring to this POS

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It is very similar to the Aden gun sound issues from 'only' 2 years ago....

Originally Posted by Winfield
Righto my fellow Australians and all those disappointed customers of VEAO around the world.,

Quick update on the EFM released yesterday, This post will be regarding the amazing sound quality experienced by the upset and angry clients of VEAO and the responses by none other than "up the tree at VEAO"

I'll let the quotes do the talking regarding the sound issues experienced with the release of VEAO's Hawk EFM module. Personally, the issues could have been solved had the testers actually tested the module in the Public branch and not the developer branch. Now when I say public branch, it means the branch that is released to the 'Official' testers before it is released to the public. However, I have taken on the role as an unofficial tester, an off the books, unpaid tester to carry out what VEAO's paid testers should have picked up. No need to thank me gents, I'm doing my part for the sim community. Who knows, I may even get my review of the EFM published over at mudspike.

So without further ado....

Originally Posted by Smartis
So just installed the patch for Hawk in DCS 2.
It really feels nice to fly with the EFM, good job on that!
But, It seems to me that alot of sounds is missing in cockpit, things like the gun pod and engine sound. All I hear is pretty much just some constant buzzing that doesn't change.
It's not like this in my 1.5 install. (Which is pre-efm ofc)

Is this as intended or these to come. Or am I just doing something wrong? Tried a repair, and complete reinstall of the Hawk module.

Originally Posted by Schmidtfire
Same here. I think that those issues are being looked at by VEAO.

Originally Posted by 'Up the tree at VEAO'
If you press F2 do you get the engine sounds?

Aden sounds were working last time I checked it.

(when exactly was the last time you checked? Alpha release back in 2013?)

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This is the first time I have opened up the Hawk module in DCS 2.0.2, made a custom mission just placing it at Nellis for practice, I always start from ramp cold in every mission I make so far. Anyways when I press fly and jump to the aircraft the cockpit is full of engine sounds even before anything is switched on, I press F2 and all is as quiet as a mouse.

I'll be honest I haven't had a lot of time to compare against other missions or nor have I done a repair.

Originally Posted by burnjp5
I also have the constant buzzing sound in cockpit, I hear the other sounds as well but this one sounds almost like an electrical sound maybe?

Originally Posted by 'up the tree at VEAO'
The sounds are fuel pump, the gryo's spinning and the Ardour engine running.
The fuel pump does seem a tad loud and the engine sounds aren't mixing quite right.

indeed the sounds aren't 'mixing quite right' doesn't take a genius to work that out. I figured that out the moment I got past multiple CTD's yesterday and made my damage model video

Originally Posted by pegleg1972
The sound never changes.Full throttle or idle no difference.Hard to tell if engines on.

Wait for it....since old mate tree hugger is being bombarded with multiple complaints, this is how he handles the situation....

Originally Posted by 'up the tree at VEAO'
There is a subtle difference at 65% and 85%rpm with the pitch getting higher.
Sounds are very much WIP at the moment.

yep, you guessed it, for those who may have missed it

Originally Posted by 'up the tree at VEAO'
Sounds are very much WIP at the moment.

and again just in case it didn't sink in...

Originally Posted by 'up the tree at VEAO'
Sounds are very much WIP at the moment.

I've saved the best quote till last....

Originally Posted by 'up the tree at VEAO'
Just checked and the Aden sound has stopped working...WTF??!!###

So the tree hugger has no idea why his own aircraft is bugged??

Originally Posted by 'up the tree at VEAO'

I'll tell you WTF??!!, you don't test your own aircraft, hence
Originally Posted by 'Up the tree at VEAO'
Aden sounds were working last time I checked it.

nor do you follow up the list of bugs your paid testers should be testing in the public release branches. I could go on but this update is regarding sounds.

like this post from yesterday, which mind you was posted 9 hours before the sound complaints thread came to life

Originally Posted by Schmidtfire
We finally got the long awaited sidewinder tone. The volume knob for it does not function properly, but that is no biggie. I like how VEAO uses separate sound files for seek and lock. As a modder, I've already changed the seeker sound to my liking. Overall great job on that!
Sadly no sound from the ADEN pod has been implemented. The engine sound also needs improvement. However, this is going in the right direction and is not a show stopper for me.

and "up the tree at VEAO's" response several minutes after the complaint

Originally Posted by 'up the tree at VEAO'
Aden pod should have sound, well it did last time I tested it, I'll double check that one.

yet it took 9 hours and numerous complaints before someone at VEAO actually looked into the situation.

3 years of development.....SERIOUSLY 3 YEARS????? makes me question....

Originally Posted by 'up the tree at VEAO'




Aden pod sound

This was a review back in Feb 2017 from some unknown who was given a 'free' copy of the hawk to review.....

Originally Posted by Jose
What do you get with VEAO's Hawk?

Even though the module is still in beta state, you get a mostly finished aircraft, in a more advanced state than the C-101 (just an example).
You also get some missions, which range from doing a cold start to trying to perform the best time in a Mach Loop themed timed event.
Two training missions are also included.

so we know from this review that the POS is 'a mostly finished aircraft' that to the reviewer is in 'a far more advanced state than the C-101'
yet the following 2 points stated have been around since 2013 pre alpha and 2014 Alpha

As for the Damage model, mind you this review was 10 months after I began this blunt honest review of this POS

Originally Posted by Jose
The Hawk has an External Flight Model, which according to Eagle Dynamics "uses only a part of PFM (Professional Flight Model); rigid body physics and contact model".
In the short time I've been flying the Hawk, I've found it to be an extremely agile airplane, but I guess it's realistic (I'll trust VEAO on this).

The only thing I find annoying is the damage model. Although VEAO say the Hawk includes a "highly detailed damage model", I've had some weird experiences with it.

[Linked Image]

Read the full review

10 months after I tested the damage model nothing had changed.

Brace yourselves gents, I am downloading DCS again as my hard drive crashed a couple of weeks ago. Possibly from the software related to the 'world'

I will upload a video of my findings with this POS and see what happens.

In the meantime, I thought I was the only person who didn't find the remarks from this dodgy dev un-funny.

Much like the Nando's comments as I have mentioned near the start of this thread. NineLies must be asleep....how did this get through the 'spam' filter

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