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earlier on in this thread, Chris himself (director of VEAO) when he lost the plot and went toe to toe with me never once mentioned the issue with ED, in the above statement it is mentioned issues with ED from 2014.

3rd parties aren't allowed to voice dissent.

What really amazes me is that ED asks a 35% cut.... For zero development support, zero customer care, a legal mess from A to Z, an engine from the 1990's that breaks when you even look at it and never gets out of alpha stage, zero development support, no SDK documentation, and getting attacked whenever it suits the childman producer.

Imagine the profits when a large 3rd party can find a couple million to write a modern, decent engine and breaks free of the mess that is ED.

what amazes me is that confusion between VEAO and ED has been around since 2014 all whilst Nine Line, Sobek, Nate, Skate and the rest of the ED cohorts would have known about these issues. Yet in the public forums they
backed VEAO right up until the very end.

Now we see why....the 35% cut ED gained from the module. It would not have looked good had these clowns openly said the product was not worth investing in.