By this stage....the "official" tester's had received their 'free' copies of the Hawk to test, is that not the process before releasing anything to the public and consumer's?
what were the tester's actually testing here that would have them overlook the most simple detail? Nevada, 1.5 perhaps? anything other than this POS yet anyone putting a word out of line
on the ED forums was quickly shut down by Neil Willis and those 'official testers' and moderators. You know....the 'respected' members of ED

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I have used responses to bugs numerous times from Chris at the beginning of this thread. Here is why....and I will state this again "VEAO don't test their own aircraft"

note that Chris's response was well after the throttle issue was reported

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Originally Posted by Chris
it seems

yes seems you never tested or flew your own aircraft....too busy watching the paypal account as the money rolled in eh?