A. Your Poll was Redundant

They know how wide spread the issue is, and it's being fixed.

The only reason you started one was as a retort to the comment that it's a small %.

The Bug does not affect everyone, and you dont know sales figures, so you have no way to argue/disprove the % of users affected.

You Cannot Base a Total Affected % off 3 Votes. that's prolly 1/10000th of the total sales.

B. You should know the rules, you should know purposely re-creating threads after they were deleted is against them, as is public discussion of moderation.

You cannot tell me in the back of your mind, you didnt think that it wasn't going to be deleted, again, it was redundant, we already have a 28 page thread on the subject, we dont need a "poll".

The Poll was not Needed at all, it was a redundant stab at VEAO for something that's already well - known to be a problem and being fixed,

You're arguing that developers are not aware of it? the THREAD for the issue spans 28 Pages w/ no less than 3 developers, dozens of users and actual ED Testers working to find a solution.

End run, you were given plenty of warnings for violating rules, and the warning % got to the level that required a temp. 1 month vacation, also stated clearly.

What happens from this point on is completely up to you, if you wish to continue to participate in discussion on ED's forums you'll have a go at possibly following the rules,

If you do not wish to proceed w/ participating in any discussions on ED's forums, by all means continue to spam facebook and SimHQ with how much VEAO isnt paying attention to a bug that's going on 28 pages and 265 replies, w/ developers and ED Testers as well as other users actively participating in a constructive manner.

I'm Really sorry that SimHQ has to constantly deal with this,, Sorry Moderators,

The Decision is Yours, Have a Wonderful Day.

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