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How much revenue do you think they might lose if they allowed potential new customers to come upon a forum where a small number of people constantly post that the product is no good and the developer is "incompetent"?

Whether there is truth or not, the extremely vocal minority seem to try to skew the narrative in favour of their "opinion" instead of actually trying to participate in constructive discussion. A potential new customer would probably just quit and not bother instead of wading through all that chaff...

Hahahaha!! Are you serious? So, "let's ban the vocal minority pointing out defects in our products so that we can trick new customers into buying broken crap"?? Instead of having a go at the people who are displeased with a product, why not have a go at the people who are capable of fixing said product but either cannot or worse, DO NOT do so.

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I'd say since they are the only standing modern combat sim developers out there they are the least incompetent of the bunch. Or their practices are the only way to make money in this market.

I'd say they're the only PAID modern combat sim devs. biggrin The other set of modern combat sim devs are doing fine, and are making ZERO money despite making the paid devs look like n00bs.

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