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Fun fight today. Squadron Commander Nought led B flight up to the lines to spot a large formation of enemy aircraft seen approaching just south of Armentieres. For once, the enemies were right where they were supposed to be.

Making his way back home, Nought filed for an Albatros scout driven down with the engine out, however, by that time, there was no one near enough to confirm!

*Interesting note... on the way back, I ran into a flight of German Recce, 6 of them to one of me. In my dive-stressed plane, I didn't like those odds. I flew along for a while hoping to encounter some friendlies I could latch on to to join in attack. Eventually, I ran into A flight and hoped for a fight to develop. The Recce wing eventually turned back and A flight made no move to engage. Using labels, it didn't appear that either group noticed the other (both stayed on "patrol"). They were only about 3km apart at one point... Hard to tell what was going "through their minds" but the enemy planes definitely went back, so mission accomplished from my point of view!

Excellent Tripe Fight! copter
Always watch your dive speed, and more importantly NOT MAKING TURNS at HIGH SPEED!!!!

Looked sweet! All I can give is tips for avoiding a busted wing.....