May 2, 1917 on a DOP at dawn with B Flight. Lead by a new Major to the squadron. He's lucky though. A lot of white clouds at flight level with bright blue overhead.

About 8 miles into Hunland he orders the attack on 4 Albs higher then us. Thought for a moment we may surprise them but this one turns into us for the attack.
As a admin note this flight was done with my GTX 970 settings maxed out in the Nvidia Control Panel and my FPS was the same as lower settings. Go figure.

I engage him in the cloud shadows and after two passes he starts to fly oddly.

Guess I see why. I watch him as he does a slow corkscrew down to his end.

Do a casual glance behind me and see his friend almost in range smack on my tail! Do a frantic Split-S with a pull up and (accidental) stall. Upon recovery it takes about three turns to get behind him as he is hot to shoot me.

With some good shooting he emits black smoke and noses over and begins to burn and break up half way down.

Back at base all the flight returns safely and I make the only claims for victories #20 and #21.
A Flight manages to lose two non-HA's but they never fired a shot.