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Well. Finally got a new SSD drive, everything loaded up, sussed out (thanks, OBD!) patched up (looks FANTASTIC!) and ready to go. So here is another in my line of completely successful attack runs against 2-seater formations that in no way involved any swear words at all! I even left the dead stick landing in for BKCason. (Yeah, it went that well...)

I just watched the video [only a month late smile ]. It looks like your player was in a Sopwith Pup? Nice landing at a handy airfield. I keep reading on the forum about mechanical failures and/or EA fire leaving someone in a bad way such that they take the first good landing spot to be found but I have not encountered that yet. It looks like you handled it well thumbsup My two campaigns are in early 1915 still [slow times for a slow learner]. One pilot is flying Morane Saulnier L 2-seaters and... knock on wood... hasn't had any mechanical issues yet. I saw my first NPC fatality today. My wingman on a bombing run dropped out shortly after takeoff and apparently crashed killing himself and the observer. I guess I better keep my wits about me during "routine" things like the climb out after takeoff [and other times].

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