Rick Rawlings
No 60 Squadron
April 9, 1917

Well, finally got mine, at least a bit. We were jumped by a flight of hun bombers attacking our field and just managed to get up and away as they were passing overhead. It was a wild chase to the front where we finally caught them. I came in close - too close - behind one and gave him all I had. We entered a cloud both firing at each other when one of his rounds went clean through me just underneath the collarbone. Lots of blood and swearing later I manged to get down and was rushed to a hospital. That kept me out of action for a week. Just yesterday we went up on line patrol and were seeing nothing when we caught some white puffs back on our side of the lines. It was a brace of Albatros scouts buzzing another of our airfields. Those berks are getting awfully brazen! My wing and I swooped down and managed to take them both out. It was my 30th confirmed and a bit of good news in what is turning out to be an otherwise lousy month...