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Rick Rawlings
No 60 Squadron
April 28, 1917

Mid Air Collision. It sounds so...clinical. When I was a boy, I never would have dreamed such a thing were possible. How would there ever be two aircraft in the sky at the same time? In the same place? Unfortunately, in this war it has been all too common. Mid Air Collision. Mid-Air? It hardly leads one to envision the fall after. The burning thick greasy smoke, the bits of wood and fabric that linger long after the plummeting mass of flesh and metal. We went up on a scramble the other day; two sets of enemy bombers over our airfield. We caught one brace before the lines and set into them. My recent injury in mind, I dove away before their return fire could hit me and young Bishop finished him off. I thought Lt. Edmund had done the same with the other, but then I saw to my horror that he had strayed too close and the two craft momentarily became one fiery mass before separating to each find their way Earthward. I had the remains of all fliers retrieved and we gave them our full attention at the internment this morning. I have already sent off the letter to Edmund's parents. Will this bloody April never end?!?

I ve start watching your Stream. Great flying! Keep it Up!

Thanks, LtCasey! I'm on a bit of a WOFF hiatus at the moment, but there will be more (probably a lot more!) when the new version drops!

Great work, Albert! Nice to see this thread getting some love too!

The older I get, the more I realize I don't need to be Han, Luke or Leia. I'm just happy to be rebel scum...