Just as an interesting little addendum:

German Triggers got Flieger Kolb killed on his second orientation flight. Useless idiot crashed into the trees on the approach to Maubeuge and killed them both. Luckily I intervened and taskmanagered Kolb back to life but the gods were angry at me for abusing time travel to resurrect him and gave me a black screen at the end of my next orientation flight (Which I landed personally from the front seat since I no longer trust German Triggers with Kolb's safety.) Finally, when I reloaded the game, the campaign had been corrupted somehow so I have been forced to battle these arcane and generally unfair attempts by some malevolent force to terminate Flieger Kolb's career prematurely by plugging him into "Der Matrix". In the space of two days he has been resurrected, re-enlisted and manually redeployed to KEK West (Jasta 12) Where he occasionally has strange dreams about being in a blank white room with Lawrence Fishburne while some mysterious force teaches him Kung Fu, how to roll his own sushi and the peculiarities of flying a Fokker E.II.

Flieger Kolb is not sure why the universe hates him so much but he feels as though a benevolent force (whom he imagines as being a tired, bearded man with sad eyes, illuminated by the glow of some arcane device through which he monitors the universe and watches over Kolb) is mitigating the worst of what malevolence an unfair and capricious universe throws at him.

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