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Nice Turn & Burn, Rick!
And you didn't get suckered into a diving pursuit...
What was up with the pause? Just curious...bad head tracking?

Hey, methinks you are doing well with aim. That crossing paths shot was well done!
My suggestion when on the tail like you were in the end is to shoot and bob the nose up and down while doing so to see where and how that sight comes into target in relation to bullet trajectory. That upper gun ain't like a bore sight and distance is HUGE as to where the bullets fly. Not a criticism, just a suggestion.

Yeah, anytime there's a pause like that, it's alt-tabbing out to reset the head tracking. Thanks for the tips, will try to wiggle on target, if I remember in the heat of battle! thumbsup

Duke, as you will see in a few minutes, I think I have solved the wind issues for a bit! salute

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