Esc LaF went on a front line patrol of the hilly area of Alsace. "A Flight" was flying lower than Adjutant Jacques "Jack" La Fontaine thought sensible so he lead "b Flight" above and behind them. Good thing he did so because once over the front lines two Fokker EIIIs emerged from a cloud and pounced upon the three men in "A-Flight", causing them to change course and run for their lives.

Jack dove as fast as he dared in his N10C-1 and soon hiis flight of five came to the rescue. Jack spooted his nemisis in a green Fokker and gave him hell.

Jack thinks he brained the pilot of the green Fokker, as he spiraled to the barren hills of the front right after this ss was taken.

Just as they were regrouping more Fokkers suddenly appeared at an equal altitude. Another DF broke out.

Jack hammered one in a crossing shot causing it's engine to smoke and then finished him off with what he thought was another pilot kill.

One pilot from "A-Flight" had to ditch, but all of Jack's men made it home to Luxeuil. He filed two claims, one was confirmed...the green Fokker pilot, Erwin Wenig, from Jasta 16.

Jack only has two claims confirmed and both are for his nemesis in the green Fokker EIII.

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