11 May 1917
Flt Lt John K. Nuck

This morning it was an escort flight for two recce planes. I was flying Collishaw's wing. It was a lovely day for a Bosh hunt, if I do say so myself.

The flight was uneventful until a couple of Huns came out for a game of tag. I dont know if it was the beautiful weather or just general weariness, but neither side seemed particularly interested in shooting anybody down. Mostly, we just circled and scowled at each other until both us and the huns decided lunch was probably ready at the Aerodrome.

I landed quite without incident and made for the mess tent. It was there that the most interesting part of the day occurred.

I was enjoying a coffee with Ray Collishaw, Ellis Reid, Gerry Nash, Will Alexander and John Sharman. (it is never a good idea to leave this many Canadians alone together. Trouble always ensues) Anyways, Ray suggests we should all paint our Tripes black as a way of taunting the Huns. Could you imagine it? A bunch of black Tri-planes dancing through the skies like Death himself. Well, I thought it a capital idea and have bribed a rating to get the ball rolling. I've named her "Black Wolf" Hopefully, I can get someone to take a picture of it tomorrow when we go up!