Sorry - I am not as eloquent as others on this thread so this will just be a snapshot of my last few days of learning this awesome sim

An N16 diving onto me

Hellshade saved my life here
I had just watched a vid of him, he watched an enemy EA dive behind him and waited to see if it was going after him, I was impressed by his SA
When this fella dived I was waiting for him to turn toward me

When he did I broke away and it ruined his shot

Thanks Hellshade smile2

My wingman got him but it cost him his life

Made it to October 1916 looks frosty down there

My first proper victory

Unfortunately I have no shot of him going down

My first Balloon Bust where we actually made it to the target
Beautiful flying weather too smile2

Too close for comfort

I think I have upset someone

Unlucky - game over

I have managed 8 hours 10 Patrols and 3 victories
Absolutely loving the Alb D1 - feel super confident in it - always have the feeling it will get me home
I have a feeling this is what is going to be my downfall

Good hunting everyone

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