First off, Devs, thank you. This game is amazing.

A couple of notes: I have unlimited ammo on and gun jams off. My 3 year old likes to sit on my lap and fire the guns for me, so the guns are going pretty much constantly. (He also continually asks to shoot the red plane. I wonder what Manfred did to him in a past life, because it is definitly personal).

Flt Lt John K. Nuck
10 May 17

I arrived at my sqn this morning weary and ready to settle in and meet the new guys. Before the engine on my Tripe had finished spinning the Major was out to introduce himself and inform me that I was going up on an intercept. Straight into the fire as it were.

Im not sure who my flight mates are, but Im sure they will help me out if I get into trouble.

We took off and headed South towards a bulge in the Front. The trip was uneventful, although one of the chaps dropped out and turned back. We were three as we crossed the lines into Hunland. We circled for some tim in clear skies, drinking in the scenery when the Germans sent up a balloon directly beneath us.

I was keen to introduce myself, being new to the show, so I dove down to give the Hun spotters a propper hello. The resulting explosion attracted the attention of a couple of Albatross who asked for a dance. I engaged, expecting my flight mates to give a hand. They were content to watch, however, so I was left one on two.

I got on the tail of one and sent some lead through his airframe. Of course his friend thought that was a poor show and he did the same to me. Fortunately, he was a poor shot; I will be more keen to check my tail next time. For some reason my attacker broke off and ran away, leaving me alone on the tail of an Albattoss. My first rounds must have damaged his controls because he was not moving around very well. I closed quickly remembering what my gunnery instructor said about getting close and aiming for the engine. Three bursts was all it took and he went in hard. One less foe to do the Kaiser's bidding!

I reformed with the flight and we headed back to the Aerodrome safely. I claimed the balloon and the Albatross and finally got to meet the other chaps in the Squadron. What an exciting morning!