Hmm, in my scans of the DiD Centenary thread, I found a post by lederhosen about "Temporary Gentlemen" ..

I'm debating how I will handle this if and when I get promoted. It takes much time off from is a quote from a website about the many roles of teachers in the great war:
During the Great War 247,061 commissions were granted in the British Army. Some 100,000 of these went to men with OTC experience gained in the Public Schools and universities. High attrition rates, however, meant that demand for officers soon outstripped supply. From January 1916 new Officer Cadet Battalions (OCB) were formed. These provided a four month course for ex-rankers, many of whom were men of working and lower-middle class origins. New officers were granted commissions for the duration of the war. The Temporary Officers were often referred to as 'Temporary Gentlemen'. This became a term of derision for those who were not from the 'quality' classes.

Mr. Lyons is from a lower class origin...on the one hand, it will speed me along to a time when single-seaters are in the air, but on the other hand, I will miss out on what I have been savoring with this campaign...what it was like to witness the changing of flying during 1915. Hmm, I will have to decide, but not right now. I'm leaning towards fudging it for the sake of fun, and can make up some outlandish story about it all wink

Also, @ Rick_Rawlings, it looks like kuroken may have had as many as 282 missions in the Morane L! Also, fullofit had a lot on a Morane, too, so it seems.....



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