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Nice RR. Good victory and nice escape from the last Alby. I feel for your fitter though. Couldn't you have at least pulled a little closer to the shed mate? duck


Roadie job security...

Henri Patois
April 15, 1917
Escadrille3 No. 23

Today was a rail yard attack. As we made our way low over the broken landscape, an occasional wave or cheer came up to us from the boys below. Across the line, all was quiet. Not a single round or shell was expended in our direction. As we approached our target, the enemy finally attacked from above! The rest of my flight kept them busy as I dove on the rail yard. My rockets tore through the warehouses as my Vickers barked holes in the line of rail cars and the locomotive. As I swing around, more enemy scouts swooped down. I turned with two them at low altitude. One of the pilots couldn't handle it and stalled out, crashing into the ground with a sickening crunch. I came around on the second scout and fired on him, chasing and firing on him until his wing came off and he fell away. I then expended the rest of my ammunition on the rail yard and we made our way back across the lines, quite pleased with ourselves...

The older I get, the more I realize I don't need to be Han, Luke or Leia. I'm just happy to be rebel scum...