Well - that didn't last very long

Decided to start in a Roland a few days before the Battle of the Somme Started
Had high hopes of surviving until the Alb DI was introduced

This is my first pilot where I have decided to turn the TAC off
It made the whole flight very exciting biggrin

How do they expect us to recon anything in this crap?

Without the TAC I am terrified of losing my flight
I stay as close as possible the whole time

Over the front I look up and am relieved to see that we have a couple of Eindekkers escorting us

That soon all goes to hell
A couple on Nupes attack us
They decide that as I am the new boy they both concentrate on me

During this the othet two Rolands continue to bravely run away
The two escorting Eindekkers do the same
At first I was really PO'ed about this
But I guess they were trying to accomplish the recon mission?
That's how I decided to RP it anyway

After taking many many hits I have to look for somewhere to put it down

Managed to stop just short of both the telegraph pole and the trees smile2

Didn't help me though - I died from my wounds before medical assistance could be administered

I am now thinking that instead of thinking long term - ie. start in a crap machine and work my way up, I should instead be thinking in terms of - pick a machine I like and just try to survive in it

I have said it before but I will say it again

WW1 aviation is Frikkin' deadly

As a PS
Very much enjoyed my first patrol with the TAC turned off
When I had it turned on, after a fight or evasion, I always knew I could just follow the line to get back to my flight
Without it now I am a lot more cagey - I get separation anxiety if I cannot see the rest of my guys for too long
Way more immersive - Loving it

Have dialled back the labels so that I get DOTS at 4000 (is that yards or meters - I suppose it doesn't really matter)
And until within 1000 I get no friendly or enemy info

It made the whole flight much more exciting
The whole time my head was on as swivel worrying about what was going on around me

I may have to buy a silk scarf to save my neck - WOFF is that good thumbsup

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