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77_Scout, you should join us in the Centenary DID. We are now in June of '16 but we all started back in June of '15. My British pilot just completed his first year of war flying and I know what you mean about it being plodding sometimes, but it is satisfying at the same time.

Thanks Banjoman. I was in Olham's DID challenge last year and had fun. I'll have a look at the Centenary DID to see what it is all about.

Some time in the future, I'd really like to get into a 'full real' challenge, where everyone tries to survive using no aids of any kind ('clean' screen, cockpit view only).

Scout, up to my "Q" pilot in the DID now flying full real and its all your fault! Never had so much fun. And thank you again for dragging me to the dark side.

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