Thanks Robert!
April 2 1917 on the afternoon patrol with J11.

En route to the front. The weather has been fine for the first couple days of April.

"Beware the Hun in the su..." Hey wait. Air activity is high as the Entente begins work preparing for something big. What are they up too?

Yikes. The dreaded Nieuports. In this fight I score nothing but stay alive which is a win based on my track record vs Nieuports. Did pick up a couple of hits from ground fire trying to chase a Nieuport down low. Oh well.

Back at base I join the other NCO pilots and am told my DH2 from yesterday was denied. Wonder if I was an officer would they still take the ground gunners word over mine?

April 3 1917. Another fine weather day. We come across some Sopwith Pups north of Lens and I manage to shoot one down and put in a claim.
Afternoon patrol the Kette swarms on a lone Nieuport but I fly top cover while Schafer shoots it down. While circling to join up I see, up high, 5 specks being followed by an additional 4. As they are coming from British territory I figure its two-seaters escorted by some scouts. I keep my distance waiting for a possible chance if the Kette can get up here. of the presumed single seaters shoots down another aircraft in flames. Guess they are Germans being chased by the British. Watching my poor countrymen riding a flaming chariot I stray too close and one of the British peels off and dives for me. I circle a bit to evaluate as the lone plane approaches. A Triplane! Luckily his pals stay high so it is mano a mano. I turn into him and the dance begins. We circle each other, neither gaining an edge, as the fight corkscrews down. Finally, down low, he loses his nerve and tries to make a break but I am on him. With two 3 second bursts of my Spandaus he goes out of control and crashes into the British reserve area.
Fly back to base trying to avoid all the aircraft specks over my head and I make it back without incident.
Put in a claim for the Triplane and am told the KFlak 98 already rang up reporting my downed Triplane. As a bonus Air Defense units confirmed my Pup from the morning and I am awarded the IC2 for my 3rd confirmed victory. *Sorry for no pics for April 3. I was so busy trying to be a serious Flieger that I forgot*