From the Daily Telegraph, 22nd March, 1916.

Our Airmen's War in the Air.

Many Telegraph readers will by now be familiar with names like Roland Garros and Oswald Boelcke, men who have been dubbed by many as "Aces" of the skies over the Western Front. Today, it is my privilege to report to you today the exploits of one of our own emerging "Aces", 2nd Lt Archie Berry of 20 Squadron. Royal Flying Corps. 2nd Lt Berry, the son of Lord Berry of "The Great Vale" Estate near Elmstead has recently joined the growing ranks of the "Aces", men who have destroyed several enemy aircraft in combat. With eight confirmed German aircraft destroyed to his credit, Berry has been involved in numerous actions against the formidable Fokker aircraft favoured by Oswald Boelcke that has been so commonly employed by Germany over the front to harass our own men and machines. Berry was well know at Eton for his fencing prowess and now he is well known in his squadron for his aggressive duelling tactics against the Fokker scourge and his willingness to fight the Hun even when outnumbered.

The skies over the city of Arras played host to his latest exploit, the destruction of a Fokker aircraft in aerial battle. The German aircraft lost control and crashed within view of the residents of the town, encamped soldiers and this correspondent alike. As one rapt human mass we watched in awe and terror as Berry piloted his machine against no less than three German aircraft, wheeling through the air as gracefully as a hawk, hounding the Germans and driving two away before sending the third out of control to his end, face down into the mud. According to Berry this is not an uncommon feat for the men of the RFC, when I spoke to him a day after his action over Arras Berry said "Our men are with at least two of theirs and we have two of them in our busses to their one, Master Fritz doesn't stand a chance no matter how many Fokkers he comes along with." Inspiring words from an officer fresh from battle and a dramatic crash landing which occurred as a result of damage to his aircraft after the gallant action, both Berry and his observer were unharmed. I had thought that my story would end here but, as though to prove his statement to the press true. our offices have today received a communique that Berry has been credited with two more Fokkers today after yet another battle with no less than four (with some sources claiming five) enemy aircraft in the area of Ypres.

It's our pleasure to inform our readers that 2nd Lt Berry has been recommended for a decoration by his commanding officer, Captain Edward Skidmore. What we anticipate as being the first of many decorations for Archie Berry, an officer of true British stripe who is taking the fight to the enemy wherever he may find him.

Editor's Note: We have received news after proofing that 2nd Lt Archie Berry has been awarded the Distinguished Service Order and will be gazetted in tomorrow's morning edition of the Daily Telegraph. His investiture is expected to take place at Buckingham Palace some time in April.

Telegram to "H"

Dearest H (stop)
Have been in the thick of it (stop)
Prepare for a visit to the Palace (stop)
More in the Telegraph (stop)
They didn't even mention Alan (stop)
Please have Harrods send 5 Wreaths (stop)
I am fine (stop)
Fondly, AB (stop)

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