Well I doubt I will ever be the wordsmith like some of you gents that frequent these forums.
Any reports I do will most likely not be as entertaining as a lot of the posts I have read here.
Maybe with many more years of WOFF flying...

Anyway, this is an excerpt of a note I sent a friend of mine.
He got us both going in ROF a couple years ago - but we both quickly lost interest.
I have been trying to get him going in WOFF.

I showed him my cockpit I have been working on the past few months and had him try out WOFF in QC.
He was impressed, still trying to get him back to try a campaign mission or two.
However he has started his own cockpit now and seems eager to finish it.
Hopefully, he will complete it early next year and join the WOFF family.


Dieter, my first German pilot, flying the Halberstadt for 11 missions finally got a DII.
I started in in March of 1917 - to get a bit of experience before Bloody April.
Wow, you can really appreciate the DII after having to fly a Halberstadt.

Unfortunately Dieter got a bit too aggressive in his second ride in the DII and got killed by a rear gunner.
Was not the first time a rear gunner got me, seemed like they were a bit too accurate – so I turned that down a notch.

Learned that flying for the Germans in March / April 1917 is not at all like flying for the British in summer of 1916.
You want action – you got it – every mission.
And the German fighters, least my Jasta so far, do not fly far from base maybe 20-30 miles at most.

Created new Pilot Bernd Bohme
Started him late March, when I knew the Jastas would be getting Albs, so I would not have to fly that darn Halberstadt again.
Ohh, and the weather sucks in Spring 1917 – Seems to be raining or heavily overcast every day.
Bernd first mission was great. Got confirms on TWO Strutters in a single mission, one a flame.

Second Mission – Escort.
We meet planes and complete escort – Bernd kind of strays away from formation.
Flight starts heading for home – Bernd gets jumped on by a Spad VII – He shoots Bernd up and does some engine damage.
The rest of the flight apparently did not see anything – they all just kept heading home.
Bernd manages to dive away and keep his plane in the air long enough to get to home air base.

Third Mission – Patrol behind our lines.
Well this the flight did not see anything – again weather was horrid.
Ended up do a return to base much quicker that I thought we should.
Flying – arrive over our base – Start circling to come down from 10000 feet.
One of the other planes in our flight turns to start his landing and runs into Bernd.
That’s all she wrote – straight down from 10K feet.

This would have been the time to use the restore pilot mod – if I had installed it.
Oh well, lesson learned..

Time for Carsten Crossmann, going to start him, same Jasta 3, same time end of march 1917.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. A. Einstein

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