Using SOGriffin"s idea for a "Aces 1" mod I start a new career for testing. All is working perfectly. Start with J11 as a Leutnant and am assigned, like everyone else in the Jasta, a DIII (Early).
Saturday, April 7, 1917. Morning patrol with Kette 2 in defense of our forward airfields. The Britishers have been awful active lately. Wonder what their up too?
Kette 2 forms up. We are being led by Germany's ONLY ace so we had better make sure nothing happens to him.

Arrive at the threatened field and circle. I see some very low and distant AA bursts but no one else does. Kette 1 is tagging along behind us. More circles when I see more AA and see a formation of 4 aircraft pass about 2,000' below us. No one makes a move so to impress the Jasta Fuehrer I dive to attack. No one follows of course as I am not the leader. As I close on their rear they begin to peel up to meet me and I see the aluminum dope. Neiuports! Lt. DIH may be new but he is not stupid - well not too stupid anyway. Not liking these odds, and while still with a altitude advantage, I use my dive speed and zoom up and reverse. The enemy gives chase. I am holding my own in keeping them at a distance so I plan to lead them back to my Jasta to settle their hash.

Genius plan with one major flaw. Where the heck did Kette 1 and 2 get too? I am all alone and the enemy is relentless in their pursuit. This pursuit goes on for so long I actually glance at my fuel level. Try some clouds but the big ones are never around when you need them and all I encounter are tissue thin. The French (as it is revealed getting these shots as I fly without aids) must have had too much wine for breakfast as they chase me about 35 KM behind the lines. I start to wonder if I can claim all four thinking they may not have enough fuel, eventually!, to re-cross the lines. One by one they finally break off till it is just me and one Frenchman. I quickly turn and make a head-on pass, maybe get some hits because in the turn fight I get the upper hand!

How does it feel eh?

My shooting is good but not perfect. I hit his engine and he is leaking oil. A couple more passes and he nose-dives and crashes in a cloud of dust. Huzzah!

Back at base I find that everyone has already landed and is at breakfast. MvR is happy with my claim but not so much about me leaving the formation. He doesn't hold a grudge though as I am scheduled for a afternoon patrol. My claim is filed for a N23 (not sure the difference visually between the 23 and 17) and it is pending.