Ltn. Hardward transferred into RFC 56 squadron to fly SEs in the middle of April '17. He didn't care much for the steed after flying 'Tripehounds'! It is rumored that Hardward never got any bullet holes in his 'Tripehound' but that is not the case with the SE, much to his dismay. He continues to show an aggressive but cautious figure as a flier and has saved a few pounds of his squadron mates' bacon! He successfully transferred back to his RNAS 1 unit in May. His most recent exploit was to lead a raid on an enemy airfield whereupon three Albatrosen were caught napping on the field. After some lead 'energy pills' were administered to the sleepy, lifeless airdrome, it was able to awaken. Then...five Albatros scouts miraculously appeared overhead. The Albatros scouts descended as the five 'Tripehounds' climbed and a general melee ensued at about 500 meters above the enemy field. All of the Albatrosen were dispatched with haste but one of the Triplanes had to make a forced landing while the other three flew off(?) for various reasons unknown. Hardward was able to land his steed next to the downed pilot, took the pilot on as a 'wing-walking' passenger then flew to safety much to the discomfort of the 'wing walker' who was able to disembark at a friendly field... not soon enough in his words or to that effect! Hardward downed two Albatros scouts on this sortie but considers it all in a day's work therefore filed no claims. His gunnery accuracy seems to hover around 40% according to the mechanics and gunnery fitters. Hardward said he just wants his lunch!