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I'm trying to ween myself off the TAC, I usually follow that blindly and I'm now playing 'dead is dead' so its nerve wracking stuff!

I highly recommend RAF Louvert's maps , Seb. I've been using them for a year or more and, although they're only about 99.8% accurate*, the only thing I use the TAC for these days is to identify and mark ground targets so my flight actually attacks them. I've got them stored on a tablet that I keep set up under my monitor, an arrangement that I consider nearly as realistic as a pilot having a paper map on a kneeboard.

*VERY occasionally missing a small copse of woods or airfield, or an airfield might be on the wrong side of the road. But I stress that this is VERY rare. I've flown missions above clouds with very few breaks in them and wound up within a mile or so of exactly where I was supposed to be. I cannot commend Lou enough on the dedication and hard work he put into creating these. They are as invaluable to the immersion effect as TrackIR or a good joystick/throttle/rudder system.