George Lyons
Chocques, Flanders
May 1915

(Note: a two-fer!)

Thirty-fifth mission Saturday 8 May AM...another art obs just to the east of Loos. Mission went well, with better weather.

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Thirty-sixth mission Saturday 8 May PM...a bombing mission to the front near where our art obs was earlier today. No hits were scored, however, Captain Halifax noticed an aeroplane heading east about 5oo feet below us. It had no markings that we noticed, however, after some investigation later at base (Note: in other words, checking out the 'skins' file lol), we were told that some of the French squadrons do not have roundels on their top wings, nor their tails.

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It was a bit harrowing for a moment as it could have been a Pfalz (Note: during the war, Pfalz built licensed versions of the Morane L!), but it all ended well, except no hits on the Bosche. Lastly, we landed at our base allright, but 'Bay' landed a bit close to a tree...he heard about it!

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The saga continues!



PS, I'm now having an issue with my screen recorder as the audio is out of sync with the looking to fix it.

EDIT: And, after spending about an hour yesterday evening to no avail, today I remembered reading the Geforce Experience has video capture...tried it and it works great! Also it has a screen frame capture (for pictures as opposed to video) and that is great too! Small issue of popups happening during flying, but I think better than being out of sync!

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