29 Nov 1917
Capt DC
46 Sqn

Finally, the curse had been broken. Thomson and I, along with one of our two new pilots Shelley (we have four now, Yahoo!) Flew a balloon bust today.

As we approached the target area I noticed two balloons in the vacinity. The sky was clear of enemy, so I sent Thomson and Shelley to hit one while I took the other.

I quickly had success against my balloon and went to assist the others. Their balloon still existed, as they seemed to be rather distracted by a Pfalz D.III who was attacking them.

I got on the tail of the Pfalz and put several rounds into his machine, driving him off and saving Shelley from a premature demise.

The other two had sustained damage and headed for Filescamp, so I finished off the balloon and escorted them home.

Thomson has taken to calling me Pope, as my plane always returns to Filescamp quite "holey"

The mechanics have a different nickname for me...

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