Lt. Robert Williams, 94th Aero
Verdun, Toul airfield

The 94th has spent April focusing much attention on the nearby enemy airfield of Thiacourt and RR yards nearby. While on patrol Robert came up against a savy Pfalz pilot who tested all that Robert has learned about flying his odd French plane. The Pfalz would attack in an amazing charge from below to which Robert would counter with a quick change of direction, often involving a half loop, and then try to get his eye behind the sidewinding left slug guns of his Nieuport.

This routine repeated several times. Robert should have gunned down this Pfalz, but his aim was a bit off on that day. Finally he caught the "Ace of Hearts" Pfalz at an apex in one his attacks.

That seemed like a good couple of bursts. At first he didn't see much effect on the Pfalz. Then it's prop stopped and it burst into flames.