Fourteenth mission Monday 26 April AM...Another “art obs” over the lines near La Gorgue...a misty morning, and rather difficult to make things out on the ground, but otherwise uneventful.

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Fifteenth mission Monday 26 April PM...A short mission to bomb the front lines just to the east of Loos, led by 'Bay'. We did not score any hits, and all flew back uneventfully. (no pics :/)

Sixteenth mission Tuesday 27 April AM...'Bay' was our B flight leader, and we were tasked to bomb the Harboudin aerodrome once again. The wind was gusty today, and I experienced a rather nasty stall that I did not recover from until after losing about 3ooo feet. I had to circle around a bit and get into position, but I managed to drop my bombs not long after 'Bay' dropped his.

Intell says we both scored hits.

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I then gained some altitude as archie was a bit fierce, and then headed back for home. The winds were coming out of the west, so it was a bit of a challenge, but Captain Ben Halifax (good chap) and I (as his "chauffeur") made it, as I have been assigned to Captain Halifax (Captain Reinard is on well-deserved leave). (Writer's Note: after gaining some height, I decided to use “level flying autopilot” and realized a sobering thought: the level AI cannot handle flying the Morane L, especially in the wind [and maybe with JJJ65's awesome roll mod that I am using]. I lost altitude all the way west, to the point where I had to take the controls to maintain height. I really like that actually, because I have to pay attention!)

Seventeenth mission Tuesday 27 April PM...'Bay' and I once again piloted our aeroplanes for a bombing mission, this time over the front lines. No hits according to Intell. Also, I was denied leave...I could use some rest!

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(...the saga continues!)



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