Cough...snort... sneezeee.... xxx3333.....

Didn't see a bad ending... unless you were suckered into dropping even more altitude.

Ya don't check your arse enough... '6 O'Clock.

Gunnerey is better, I saw you shoot on a lead and that was good
A) You gave up altitude and future delfection to be right on their 6 O'Clock....what a waste of advantage... and future Turn & Burns!
B) Altitude is ENERGYyyyyy.... don't be so easy to give it up. Granted the PuP is great at gainoing it.....Don't get suckered into a falling altitude fight over enemy lines. It's a different story if it occurs on you side of the MUD.

!!!...1111.... slow down and take your time desimating your rivals, and keep you altitude!!!!!

A) At least ya didn't shed a wing this this time in a dive after them.....

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